“We don’t know where the industry of connected objects is going, but we know it’s going to be massive,” Louis Vuitton chairman and chief executive Michael Burke told BoF. “You can either sit on the sidelines and observe, or you can dive in and be an actor.”

Founded in 2016 by a Parsons & Central St.Martins Fashion Graduate, Tech Noir Lab brings together the top pioneers in Design & Technology from around the globe to work collaboratively, creating wearable and embedded technology solutions. As the physical and digital worlds converge, consumers expect to be connected seamlessly across all aspects of their lives. We work with designers who want to incorporate cutting edge technology into their brands and technology companies who want to integrate design into their products. From Prototypes & Consulting to Innovative Smart Materials, Design & Manufacturing, our team can execute anything you can imagine to keep you ahead of your competitors in the digital age. 





Our team consists of some of the world's top Engineers & Designers from Wearable Technology to Smart Textiles to Robotics. We know how to cut costs for prototypes and have developed relationships with manufacturers around the world that can be trusted.


Do you have a concept you would like to explore? Or a market you would like to learn more about? Do you want to source designers or materials or just see if your idea will work? We can help you as our team is full of pioneers who were the first ones to venture into these ideas and have now perfected the process.



Whether it's putting on internal Innovation workshops for Chanel's Ready To Wear team or public speaking on The Future of Design for Companies like Cadillac, we educate you and your team on what innovations are coming next.


We  love working with your team to brainstorm on how to keep up with the digital age so you can adapt to succeed. Working from the front lines of Fashion and Technology, our innovators are creative and connected and have access to some of the brightest minds in the industry.




From NASA to CHANEL we have worked with the best. Whether you are a Technology company looking to hire designers that have worked with tech before or a Fashion Brand looking to implement new innovation into your products, we would be honored to help you.


We also offer private label, white label, and proprietary design. Having executed Robotic Installations in Boutique Windows for Luxury Companies like Loewes in Beijing and Robotics Art installations at The Palais de Tokyo in Paris, we also work with the leading LED interactive lights specialist in the world.



Wearable Technology / Prototypes + Creation + Consulting / Innovative Material / Smart Textiles for Heating + Lighting + Touch Sensing / Trend Reports / Garment + Accessory + Product Design / Workshops + Brainstorming Sessions /  Manufacturing Solutions / Robotics / Robotic Displays for Special Projects / Conferences + Presentations / Promotional Concepts / Design to Production Management + Development / Electronics Engineering / Software Development IOS + Android + Apps / Sourcing Designers + Materials / Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence / 3D Printing /  Proprietary Design / White Label + Private Label / Interactive Light Design + Production / Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality / Branding Consultation + Strategy / Experiential Design / Package Design / Sustainable Solutions